Dugong Conservation Project

Dugong Conservation Project

A global effort to conserve the dugongs and their seagrass habitat.

The Brief

The Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project aims to enhance the conservation of dugongs (Dugong dugon) and their associated seagrass ecosystems in eight countries in the Indo-Pacific region, namely Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mozambique, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu. The aim of the website was to create an engaging forum to raise the visibility of the project as well as build global awareness of the importance of dugong and seagrass conservation. 

The Solution

We created a modern responsive website that serves as a public portal to house project outputs and provide a forum for advocacy and discussion amongst project participants, their constituents, public authorities, NGOs, private sector stakeholders and the wider conservation community.


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