Sir James Goldsmith

Sir James Goldsmith Website

A biographical website for one of the world's most successful and colourful businessmen

Sir James Goldsmith was a formidable businessman and investor, undertaking some of the largest and most successful takeover bids of the 1980s. An inspiring orator, he also thought deeply on economics, politics, society and the media. Furthermore he became a strong champion for the environment. His views, particularly on Europe and the Maastricht Treaty, global free trade, agriculture and the free market, led him to the political arena where he was just as dynamic, compelling and successful as he was in business.

We worked closely with the Goldsmith family to create a comprehensive website that tells the story of Jimmy’s life in a way that is entertaining, inspiring and modern to reflect his dynamic and innovative characteristics. The site is compelling, interactive, user-friendly and as colourful as the man himself, providing a go-to information repository for the general public and students.

Sir James views on Europe and Global Free Trade and his incredible ability to read the market are just as relevant now as they were 20 years ago. The website has become a well used portal and source of information for business schools across the globe with its comprehensive archive. Since the launch in Feb 2015 the website has had over 20,000 unique visits, while the associated youtube channel with 33 historical videos of Sir James has had over 35,000 views and 200 subscribers.

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