Environmental Policy

At Jory&Co we aim to minimise the negative impact our operations might have on the planet. We’re committed to sustainability and keeping the environmental impact of its activities to a minimum. We have a range of environmental, social and financial strategies to help us reduce our negative impact give something positive back to the world.

Green clients

The biggest impact we can have is who we choose to work with. Focused on social and environmental impact brands since day one we have policies about who we work with and don’t partner with clients or suppliers who are damaging the environment. We work with clients in many different industries and try to work with positive people on positive projects. This is determined on a case-by-case basis where we feel there is a good fit. However, we positively and negatively screen projects to ensure they fit with our values.

Proud to be Climate Positive Business

We offset our carbon footprint by supporting Ecologi, an environmental organisation helping to restore the planet. Ecologi invests our money into a broad range of projects to cover our businesses estimated carbon footprint, spanning wind farms in Indonesia, landfill gas capture in Chile, and regenerating mangroves in Madagascar, amongst others.

Green Printers

We are committed to focus on areas of our operations where our actions have the greatest potential for adverse environmental impact. As print designers one area we can reduce our impact is the sourcing of eco-friendly print. Whenever appropriate we recommend our preferred waterless printers Park Lane Press. Their respect and care for the environment goes beyond just waterless printing. Everything is considered; from the inks they choose right down to how they deliver the finished goods. They take great care in the running of their buildings too, with efficient low energy lighting systems, and the use of a power perfector to reduce energy consumption. They have fitted a water harvesting system, which reuses leftover water from their equipment to supply their washrooms. 97% of their waste is recycled. All these measures, combined with the waterless printing process itself, make them a sustainable and low impact business and leaders in the industry.

Renewable Energy

As a company and individuals we aim to use power 100% sourced from renewable energy.

Remote Working

Remote working since pre-covid eliminates the emissions that would otherwise arise from commuting to work or renting an office space. As a rule we also hold meetings by conference call and online video calls.

Continual Learning 

We’re not perfect but with environmental wellbeing one of the key goals of the business it’s something we take seriously and we’re members of Sustainable Business Network. We’re committed to continually learning and improving both individually and as group to minimize our environmental impact.