Jory&COP26: What’s all the fuss about?

In November, global leaders met in Scotland to discuss the future of our climate. While many activists wanted to see stronger commitments coming out of COP26, the Glasgow Agreement is a positive step that demonstrates a genuine hope for the planet.

For us back at the studio, the real heroes have been the organisations fighting to disseminate information regarding the true state of our climate and the solutions to combat its degradation. We’ve never had a busier period than the lead up to COP26, with our visionary clients doing incredibly valuable work at the conference.

Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) developed guidance on high integrity voluntary use of carbon credits and how Voluntary Carbon Markets can support ambitious action on climate change.

Blue Marine Foundation released a groundbreaking report on the importance of blue carbon in the United Kingdom. Blue Marine also supported the launch of the UK Blue Carbon Forum during COP26, a forum aiming to ensure that the ocean remains at the forefront of negotiations when exploring current climate change mitigation strategies.

Amongst our amazing clients at COP26 was Sustainable Food Trust, the driving force behind the Global Farm Metric, a whole-farm framework for measuring sustainability on farming landscapes and systems. Jory&Co were proud to help this initiative with the creation of its brand and website, helping establish a common language that enables all stakeholders in food and farming to drive positive change.

We were also very happy to help revamp SYSTEMIQ’s report The Paris Effect for a special COP26 edition, focusing on how investment flows into low-carbon solutions could reshape the state of our climate.

Finally, our client Willis Tower Watson contributed to the climate talks by highlighting their membership in the Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment (CCRI) focusing on infrastructure standards. WTW supported CCRI in the launch of their new report, Risk and Resilience: Addressing Physical Climate Risks in Infrastructure Investment.

The Glasgow Climate Pact has now been finalised, and for some, it has failed to meet expectations. Nevertheless, having experienced first hand all of our clients’ relentless efforts during the conference has filled us with hope; we were reminded that the third sector’s enthusiasm and dedication to fighting climate change will be the true driving force behind saving our planet.

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