Six reasons why our 24/7 global business model works so well

We’re all about design that changes behaviour and with team members in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Spain, Ireland, and South Africa, our clients reap the rewards of having an always-on creative partner. Here are the main benefits of Jory&Co’s 24/7 global business model:

1. Quick turnaround
By playing to the time zones, we can work fast and keep your project moving forward. Need some urgent edits to be made at 6pm in the UK? Your design team in New Zealand will get right on them. This 24/7 model is particularly useful for campaigns with hard deadlines, such as COP29. We do sleep, you just won’t notice it!

2. Diverse skills and thoughts
Having a range of experiences and perspectives on the Jory&Co team helps to boost creativity and innovation. Team members also provide vital cultural insights. Yes, a lot of our clients are global but it can be really helpful to understand what will work (and what won’t work) in a particular country or region. On a personal level, there’s something magical about getting out of our northern and southern hemisphere bubbles and working with colleagues and clients all over the world.

3. Global talent pool
We want to attract the best designers, project managers, digital specialists and other experts, so it’s great to not have to worry about location. Whilst core skills are the main focus, we also look for people who share our passion for driving social and environmental change. And if you need niche expertise for your project, we can quickly onboard other freelancers and scale up.

4. Cost efficiencies
By not leasing physical office space, we have lower overheads and, in turn, we can keep our client fees down. Not being together in one place doesn’t impact our ability to collaborate though. We speak to each other every day and use Slack, Figma, Zoom and other digital tools to ensure everything runs seamlessly.

5. Happy team
We want everyone at Jory&Co to do their best work and live their best lives. That means respecting their talent, boundaries and other commitments. The benefits of our focus on achieving a good work-life balance? Less stress. Greater productivity. Higher morale. More fun. And, crucially, better results for our clients.

6. Good for the environment
Research shows that remote workers produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than office workers. Our team members don’t have to commute by car or public transport and we don’t have a large office that needs to be heated, cooled or looked after. As an organisation that cares about the climate and that works with so many environmental impact brands, this is really important to us.

From Barcelona to Waiheke Island, Cape Town to Manchester, you can trust us to deliver brilliant creative that makes a difference.
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