Sustainability report graphic design – impact-boosting tips

Sustainability is becoming ever more important for us all, as individuals and businesses – and the role of the once humble sustainability report is shifting.

What used to be a functional document now needs to showcase your achievements and engage your audience.

We’re Jory&Co., a specialist sustainability report graphic design agency that’s been creating industry-leading sustainability reports for over a decade. We know a thing or two about maximising impact and have put together a few tips to ensure you’re able to take your sustainability reports to the next level – just like we do for our clients.

1. First impressions

“There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser, celebrated graphic designer

Your front cover is your first impression – your first chance to capture your audience’s attention.

Don’t underestimate it.

Use bold and eye-catching design to hook in your readers in and ensure they want to discover what lies ahead.

An impact report design example showcasing three different front covers.

2. Visualise the key data

You’ve gathered all your data and you’re excited to share it with your audience. But facts and figures can be difficult to interpret for those on the outsideeven if what they show looks obvious to you.

To ensure they make the impression you want, it’s vital to present them in a way that others can understand.

Infographics, illustrations and stylised data sets are all great ways to help tell the story of your stats, bringing them to life in a way that makes an impact with your readers.

3. Imagery and illustrations

Well-placed graphics can help make a sustainability report stand out. They break up the heavy stuff, like large chunks of text, giving your readers a chance to pause and reflect. Imagery can also add context and make it easier to take in information.

If you do use graphics, less is often more. One powerful image can be far more compelling than a collage. And always use high quality imagery from a professional photographer or stock image website.

4. Be brave with your brand

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand, legend of corporate logo graphic design

Your impact report is a chance to make your brand shine.

Make sure you include your visual identity and unique tone of voice.

It should also be a brand-building document, so push your normal boundaries by being a bit more adventurous and creative.

5. Accessibility & diversity

Making sure everyone can access your impact report should be a fundamental objective.

The language and colours you choose, the imagery, font type and size can all affect the document’s accessibility.

Following the latest industry guidelines will ensure your report aligns with inclusive design practices.

Considering diversity as central to your design decisions will ensure the end product is more universally relevant – allowing more people to connect with your report, spreading your message further.

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