24hr party people – benefits of a global creative studio

Focused on social and environmental impact brands we’re impatient for change. And we know that to hit their goals our clients often need work yesterday. So we’re proud to have team members in New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Ireland, and the UK all working on the same projects.

What does this mean for our clients?

  • We’re faster and can turn projects around quickly in emergencies. Very handy for projects with hard deadlines like COP26 or Field Days. It allows us to play to the timezones for the smooth running of projects. When one team finishes, the other team picks up and keeps moving the process forward – so we can get double the amount of work done in 24 hours. Essentially an agency that doesn’t sleep.
  • We have a greater diversity of thought. With people spread across Europe and Australasia, the team in the southern hemisphere partners with clients in the northern hemisphere and vice versa. We speak with our colleagues on the other side of the world daily and there’s something magic about it. We’re taken out of our European or Kiwi bubble and this provides new and different perspectives and a more rounded view. We know what organisations and businesses are doing globally and not just in the UK or NZ.
  • We have access to the best talent worldwide. We’re not restricted by geography or daily commutes so we can attract the best designers, developers, strategists, illustrators, animators, writers and project managers to work on your projects. Being remote-first for almost ten years we have crafted our systems and processes making sure everything works seamlessly.

Jory&Co is proud of our global offer and the benefits it provides our clients. A world where the most ethical organisations benefit from the most exciting, engaging and effective creative. Helping social and environmental impact brands by crafting brilliant design to make change happen.

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