What we did
  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Motion
  • Animation

Verity is on a mission to empower communities to restore nature and act on climate change. Delivering large-scale projects for the highest integrity carbon and co-benefit credits.

They work with communities and manage projects from start to end to make sure the job gets done, so you know exactly where our carbon and co-benefit credits come from and can count on their credibility. Maintaining direct control at every stage – no middlemen, no lengthy supply chain, no lost accountability. All the nature restoration projects are designed and run by Verity, working alongside local communities. They track the impact and use blockchain technology to create permanent and open-source records – all digital and all in one place.

We worked on the brand strategy, positioning, naming, messaging and brand, successfully relaunching Blue Carbon S2C as Verity Nature. The new brand focuses on the positioning ‘Reimagining agriculture and nature-based solutions’. The visual language uses gridlines (inspired by maps) moving to reveal striking imagery and optimistic gradients representing their projects that restore blue (coastal), teal (freshwater) and green (terrestrial) ecosystems using nature-based solutions that generate high-integrity carbon credits. This references the idea of how innovative technology and strong project management can help reimagine the possibilities for nature-based solutions. The subtle dot pattern and modular approach represents the blockchain technology and scale of impact.

The overall brand has an optimistic energy that shows what happens when you bring together the diverse skills of an ecologist, engineer, tech guru, finance professional, developer, community engagement specialist and a regulatory expert. Verity uses their unique skills and expertise to respond to the biodiversity and climate crisis by reimagining what a carbon and co-benefit credit can do.